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Our Vision

At My Gym Passport our vision is to bring together everything the user needs to lead a healthy, active life in one easy to manage and affordable membership. We want to give the user control of their health and fitness by giving them access to the best of exercise and nutritional advice and to local gyms nationwide.

Our vision is to give the user an alternative to high monthly costs and high cost personal training and nutrition advice, allowing them to control what they spend based on their own frequency of use. At the same time, we want to promote local gyms by allowing them to showcase their faciities, contract and commission free.

We want to bring the best of the health and fitness world under one roof, affordable and easily accessible to all regardless of location, time and cost restraints.

What can we do for you?

My Gym Passport is your passport to getting fit in one, easy to use membership. We provide infrequent and casual gym users with access to local gyms nationwide at a cost you control. 

We also provide you with the best of personal training and nutritional support, all online. Each user profile has access to a personal training support system including some of the best training and nutrition articles provided exclusively by the best in both fields, enabling you to keep fit and healthy in the gym and at home. 

You'll find nutrition plans, workouts you can perform at home, gym workouts and cheap, healthy recipes. 

With this support, no matter how often you use the gym, My Gym Passport allows you to stay fit and healthy without the pressure of high costs. All the gyms welcome on our site are run by friendly individuals looking to help you on your fitness journey. We welcome all local, friendly gyms to join the site. If you run a gym, we can drive footfall through your doors by empowering gym users with the confidence and knowledge needed to come to the gym. All for free. We do not charge gyms a penny to be a part of our network.

What does it cost?

My Gym Passport costs just £6 per month for gym users. There is no requirement to spend any more money. For those that do use the gym,  you can pick and choose how much you spend by browsing our ever growing network of local gyms. If you feel you aren't going to use the gym or the personal training support, you can simply remove your PayPal ID to stop the £6 monthly payment. 

What do I get for my money?

For £6 per month, each user gets access to an individual profile. In this profile we provide a personal training support system to give you all the support you need to make the most of the gym. Watch our promo video above for more information. 

How do I use it? 

Each member creates a profile. Gym Users can log on to their profile page where they can view the feed of training and nutrition articles and search for their nearest gyms. Gyms will be sorted relative to their proximity to the user, and their price per visit, all you have to do is pick a gym which suits your requirements and click to buy a visit. 

How do I pay? 

Payment for the site is handled through PayPal. Unlike other sites, we do not store a database of bank account details, which ensures that payment is not only quick and efficient but also risk free. Each user can sign up and pay with only their PayPal ID. We will take the monthly fee for use of the site from the PayPal ID.

Payment for gym visits is via cash at the reception of the gym you have chosen to visit, or for gyms with a PayPal account, directly through the site. Just remember to take your unique code to reception.

How do I set up a PayPal account?

If you don’t already have one, a PayPal account is quick and easy to set up. Visit www.paypal.com to set up an account with one of the safest payment systems in the world. Both private and business accounts are free to set up. 



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